Pennsylvania-Germanic Architecture Project

A Photographic Interpretation of German Influence On The Architecture & Material Culture

In And Around The Lancaster County Region





“Not just as an architect, but also as a historian, G. Edwin Brumbaugh affected the approach to historic preservation in the Middle Atlantic States. His numerous lectures spread the word that restoration was a worthy pursuit for the architect, and he was instrumental in raising local support to retain and restore even small town landmarks. Quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer obituary, Brumbaugh stated his philosophy of work and of restoration: “I want to leave as much as I can behind. Someday historians will appreciate this. When you do it properly, you’re doing a patriotic service for people who come along in the future."

Excerpt Below

Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings At Harrisburg, Pa., October 17, 1930 And Papers Prepared For The Society Vol. XLI [containing] Colonial Architecture Of The Pennsylvania Germans Paperback – 1933

by G. Edwin Brumbaugh (Author)

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The ground- breaking work of architect G Edwin Brumbaugh

 is the inspiration for this project








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